Images and Portfolio

3D animation of US map for Saatchi Healthcare

3D animation of a sugar cube boat for Saatchi Healthcare

3D Motion graphics for Citi

Television commercial for DLJ Direct

3D TV promo for Nickelodeon

3D Motion graphics for Citi

From the animated movie The Mind Machine by Legend Animation

Animated 3D promo for Western Pictures

3D animation for A little Curious on HBO Family Channel

3D architectural modeling

Logo for The Monkey King

Compositing and design for NASDAQ

3D logo animation for Citi Trade University

3D animation for Nickelodeon

2D multiplane animation for music video

3D hair styling

3D motion graphics for Citi

3D holiday season animation

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer package design

3D character animation for Art Appreciation

3D set for Art Appreciation

Digital background painting for The Mind Machine

2D digital illustration and package design for Nozin

From The Mind Machine animated movie

3D graphics for a trade show exhibit