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Art Appreciation wins!

Our short film airs on Reel 13 on PBS

We entered one of our short animated films Art Appreciation into WNET Channel 13’s Reel13 shorts competition. Viewers were given the chance to vote online for their favorite. It won the competition and was subsequently broadcast on WNET as well as online. Art Appreciation is a humorous 3D computer animated short created and directed by Joe Herman.

Faces of America

Motion Graphics and Photo Retouching

Over 150 unique segments created for this documentary mini-series for PBS, largely consisting of photographic and image moves. Large amount of photo retouching and color correction performed. Multiplane 3D perspective effect created on 2D images to give effect of moving through space. Faces of America aired in 2010 on PBS stations nationwide.

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer

Design and Digital Illustration

Our friends at Global Life Technologies hired me to come up with a look for their new product Nozin Nasal Sanitizer. We took a whimsical approach and created some characters (left) which they used for their package design and in their advertising campaign. We also created 3D renders of the bottle for the box as well as 3D renders of the product and displays for marketing and presentation purposes.